Early Bird Special is Back!

New $10 Drop-In Rate for all 6am Classes

Great news, everyone – the days are getting longer, spring is returning, and our “Early Bird Special” is back! Until further notice, you can drop in on any 6am class for just $10. This is one of our best deals. It’s a great opportunity for students who cannot purchase a membership right now, plus it’s a nice little reward for waking up early.

Even if you’re not a “morning person,” give this a shot. It’s a great challenge, it makes it easier to fit yoga into your schedule, and you will feel incredible for the rest of the day! We have our 6am classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Click Here for our full list of prices to find the best package for you, and don’t forget to see us at the studio to get our discounted prices for college students, active military, and veterans. See you in the hot room!