Grand Opening

Thanks to everybody who joined us yesterday! Our grand opening event was a huge success, with packed classes, lots of new students, plenty of laughter, and of course delicious snacks after class. Congratulations to everybody who completed their first Bikram yoga class this weekend! The teachers here are excited to get to know all of you better and help guide you in your yoga journey.

Yoga just becomes more rewarding as you get deeper into it, so make sure to come back for your next class as soon as you can. Your body goes through a BIG adjustment period during the first several classes as you get used to the heat and the postures. Stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and keep coming back!

I especially want to thank all the students who invited their friends to come to class and helped spread the word about our grand opening event. You can’t have a great yoga studio without GREAT yoga students, and you guys are the best. I am so grateful for all the positive energy that has been coming into this new space, and I truly appreciate all of your support.

Love, Juliana