“New Year, New You” Yoga Challenge

Ready to get back on your yoga mat? Need a little jump start after the holidays? Join us next month for our “New Year, New You” Yoga Challenge, starting on January 1st!

THE CHALLENGE: Complete 10, 20, or 30 classes during the month of January.
THE INCENTIVE: We will hold weekly raffles for everyone participating in the challenge, and you will earn studio discounts based on how many classes you attend.

We see tons of resolutions every year that fizzle out after a couple weeks. This challenge will help you stay motivated all month and beyond! Here’s a quick breakdown of the three different goals:

  • 10 Classes (2 – 3 days / week) – Great goal if you’re super busy or you’re cross-training in another sport. 3 classes a week is usually the tipping point where you start to notice a HUGE difference in your energy levels and physical well-being outside of class.
  • 20 Classes (4 – 5 days / week) – Do you want to significantly improve your strength or flexibility by the end of the month? Do you have persistent physical issues that you’re working through? The more you practice, the better you feel! Try it for a month – you will not be disappointed.
  • 30 Classes (6 – 7 days / week) – The infamous “30 Day Challenge”! It’s a big commitment, but the results are real. No expertise required – just a willingness to show up. (WARNING: The results may be addictive and are often life-changing.)

Come see us at the studio to grab a challenge calendar and add your name to our wall! There’s no extra cost for this challenge – you can use any package or membership. Feel free to email us at info@eastbaybikramyoga.com if you have any questions. Challenge start Jan 1st!