Are you tired of feeling stressed? Want to get in shape but don’t know where to start? Tired of “workouts” that leave you feeling worse than when you started? Try yoga with us! Our goal is for you to leave the yoga room feeling better than when you walked in. Beginners are welcome in all classes.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga is a therapeutic style of yoga done in a HOT room. It is designed to heal chronic pain, reduce chronic tension, and promote overall health and well-being. The Bikram yoga class follows a set sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. The teachers give detailed instructions for all the poses, making it a perfect class for beginners. You’ll start feeling benefits from your very first class.

Some of the benefits of Bikram yoga:

Improve your Breathing

pranayama breathing

Your body needs oxygen! Our breathing exercises flood the body with oxygen, wake up the circulatory system, increase lung capacity, and improve lung function. You’ll find yourself breathing better and feeling calmer outside the yoga room.

Find Strength, Balance, and Flexibility

standing head to knee pose

Bikram yoga works your entire body inside-out, bones to skin. If you’re stiff, you’ll improve your range of motion. If you’re very flexible, you’ll gain strength and control. If you can’t balance on one leg yet, you will – just keep practicing!

Move your Spine

Bikram yoga camel pose

Your body was not designed to sit in a chair all day long – that’s why so many people have back pain! Bikram yoga helps you regain the natural range of motion in your spine. When your spine is strong and healthy, your whole body will feel better.

Completely Relax


Sweat everything out and then let it go! You’ll work hard in class, but you’ll also rest and relax. Over time, you’ll start to GAIN energy in class. (Almost half of the class is done on the floor.) You’ll sleep like a baby after your first day!

Core Strengthening (Thursdays at 9:30am)

Core and Balance is a deep strength building class that works through holds and range of motion postures. The class builds strength and alignment throughout the body, but always focusing on how the strength of any part of the body radiates from the core. If you are feeling wobbly in your Bikram yoga class, this may be a great addition to your weekly routine.

Each series in this class works as a ladder, from a base move to more and more muscle recruitment. Each student builds from their own starting point: A more advanced student will benefit from the deep and focused strength work. A beginner will be able to progress at their own pace. There are many adaptations to base moves that may not work with current injuries.

As an added benefit the practice of intense physical focus creates a groundwork to mental focus and clarity, and you may find this class supports both your meditation and your asana practice.

Restorative Yoga (Sundays at 6pm)

Restorative yoga is a gentler style of yoga done without heat (although we do keep the room pleasantly warm). The class will be somewhat different every week and will be tailored to the specific needs of the students. This class uses restorative postures with deep stretching, pranayama (breathing), and meditation techniques, and will leave you with a deep feeling of relaxation.

This is a great mellow class for all levels that works as a perfect counterpart to our more rigorous, strength based classes. Give this a try if you’re healing for an injury, you’re ready for a slowed paced class, or you want to add more variety and mediation to your yoga practice.

  • As a mom of three young boys, I usually didn’t seek time for myself. And when I did, I wanted it to be very productive and calming at the same time. Bikram yoga did just that. I appreciate the clean and bright studio with knowledgeable and friendly staff who have a passion for it. 90 minutes of mindful, moving meditation that helps me re-energize and re-focus. I feel stronger and more balanced.–Alice Kim (member since Oct. 2014)

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