Student of the Month: Callie & Eric

For February, in honor of Valentine’s Day, we decided to highlight this awesome yoga couple! Callie has been coming to our studio for just over one year, is a member of our “karma yogi” cleaning crew, and just completed her second 30-day challenge. (That’s 30 days of yoga in a row.) Her husband Eric practiced with us occasionally in 2015, but has now been bitten by the yoga bug and completed 20 classes in the month of January!

Here’s what they had to say about our studio:

Q: What’s your favorite thing about practicing Bikram yoga?

Callie: I always feel like I’m getting something from it. When I used to run, if I said I was going for a 5-mile run and then only went for 3 miles, I’d feel down on myself. When I come to yoga, even if I feel like crap for half the floor series and just lay there, I don’t care!

Eric: Learning how to control my breathing. I feel like my lung capacity is so much better now. And I can focus myself. If I really need to calm myself and get something done, I can breathe it out now, which is cool.

Q: What’s your favorite posture?

Callie: Standing bow.

Eric: My NEW favorite posture is the one after tree – toe stand – because it’s challenging. Even though I can’t do it at all (yet!).

Q: What’s your least favorite posture?

Callie: Floor bow, because I always feel bloated. It’s so awkward.

Eric: Camel, because it makes me nervous. Even before it, I’m nervous.

Q: Favorite thing about our studio?

Callie: We have all these new friends! Not as many of our friends live here, so it’s nice to have a group of friends that are here in Bristol.

Eric: The showers! I like it because you can have a cold shower after class. But you can ditto me on the “friends” part, too.